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Compress Folding Massage Gun LCD Display Muscle Neck Electric Massager for Body Relaxation Pain Relief Pain Therapy

Compress Folding Massage Gun LCD Display Muscle Neck Electric Massager for Body Relaxation Pain Relief Pain Therapy

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Product parameters
Name:Hot compress fascia gun
Product color:Black,red,gray,green,pink
Product size:135*43*93mm
Net weight:0.33kg
Battery capacity:1800mAh
Color box weight:620g
Main material:ABS+silica gel
Rated voltage:7.4V
Input voltage:5V2A
Gears:32 gears Hot compress: 3 levels(40℃,48℃,53℃)
Working time:about 2-5 hours
Frequency:1200-3200 RPM

Acceesorries:4 massage heads +Type-C charging cable + instruction manual

1.This multi-features muscle massage gun could relieve muscle soreness after exercise,reduce muscle stiffness and soreness,health massage relieve fatigue.
2.Hot compress and massage functions 2 in 1.
3.3 seconds quick heat,and 3 temperature levels which are 40℃,48℃ and 53℃. Can be used for multiple fuctions such as eyes swelling,etc.
4.Foldable design for more convenient massage on different body parts.
5.32 speeds and 4 different heads to fit different massage requirements. 6.High frequency and deep stimulating massage to relax and crush lactic acid.
7.Intelligent brushless powerful and silent motor which is lower than 40dB noise.
8.LCD display and touch buttons for convenient control.
9.Around 5 hours power lasting after a full charging.
10.Mini portable and light with only 0.33kg weight.

4 professional massage heads
Take care of every muscle group
Resist physical fatigue and get back in shape
Ball massage head
Suitable for pectoralis major latissimus dorsi and other large muscle groups

U-shaped massage head
It is suitable for massaging neck and gingival tendon of cervical spine

Tapered massage head
It is suitable for impacting deep tissues such as meridians palms, plantar, etc

Spike tooth massage head
It is suitable for relaxation and shaping of various muscles, deep stimulation of legs and buttocks

Pay attention to the event
1.Do not touch or press the massage head during operation.
2.Do not impact the joint
The fascial release gun is usually only used for muscle soft tissue, and if you hit.the joint directly, it's like hitting the joint directly on a rock, which can cause joint damage.
3.Not all parts are suitable for use;
The fascia gun is not recommended at all for areas where the muscles are thin. such as the neck, thoracoabdominal cavity and axilla, and are close to the organs and main arteries.
4.It's not that the longer the pain, the more effective it is;
The use of body sensation should be maintained at 6-8 points of pain, the use of the same position within 1 minute as far as possible.
5.Do not use for infants, minors, pregnant women, pacemakers, broken bones or metal contents


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